Squirrel Snax

Healthy Vending

 Squirrel Snax recognizes that healthy vending represents an important part of many people’s lives and strive to do our part in promoting healthy snacking. To provide convenient access to healthy selections, Squirrel Snax includes healthy products in all its machines. Healthy products are clearly indicated and labeled to aid customers in selecting them. 

We provide a wide range of healthy snacks, including baked chips, trail mix bars, granola bars, nuts, animal crackers, fruit snacks, sunflower seeds, sugar wafers, and much more. Juice, zero calorie, unsweetened and diet beverages are also included options in our beverage vending machines.

Squirrel Snax subscribe to the National Automatic Merchandisers Association (NAMA) Fit Pick guidelines for healthy vending. Created since 2005, Fit Pick is a program that helps consumers meet recognized nutrition guidelines. Fit Pick enables clear identification of healthy products, which is defined as not more than 35% of calories from fat, not more than 10% saturated fat, and not more than 35% of the total weight from sugar (nuts and seeds excluded).