Squirrel Snax

The story behind Squirrel SnaX

Kim used to work late hours in a high rise office building in Irvine. During this time, she found it hard to keep a healthy diet, especially when it came to snacking. 

That’s when she had the idea for inventing and installing high-end and eco-friendly vending machines not only in offices, but also in community centers, schools, hospitals, etc.  enabling busy folks to enjoy healthy snacks on the go.

They are filled with nutritious, healthy and delicious snacks from our favorite brands out there for you to enjoy. We have better for you snacks with more traditional snacks as well so you mix and match the selections.

We carry thousands of brand name healthy snacks and fresh and nutritious beverages to choose from. We make it easy to keep your employees happy!

Call or email for more information today. And no contracts so we guarantee you will be satisfied!


- Irvine

- Lake Forest

- Laguna Hills

- Newport Beach

(inquire if are in another nearby city)